Box Telecom develops mobile applications: iPhone, Android (Google phone), Nokia, Symbian, Blackberry …
Box Telecom ™ addresses the challenges associated with excellence as we exceed the expectations of the simple development of custom applications for the iPhone 3G. Indeed, we bring our expertise in the implementation of technology SDK 3.0, which created a platform for a wide range of advanced technologies, while enhancing the functionality of applications on your iPhone and iPod Touch and now your iPad.

Box Telecom™ believes that its extensive experience in application development SDK improves the interactivity and attractiveness of your iPhone 3G. Our programmers and developers of technology for the iPhone SDK Apple are available. You can view them together to determine the needs of your project and they guide you through its execution. Our team also offers custom application development for the iPad Tablet and Apple’s iPad, commonly called iPad Tablet PC. Among our iPhone programmers and developers, you can choose those able to bring rigor and teamwork to your project. In addition, you will have access to a selection of applications designed for the iPhone depending on what you want: games, business, education, and entertainment. Trust Vortex Solution and take charge of developing applications on your iPhone 3G easily and directly accessible. We are ready to assist you with your connection to instant messaging applications such as Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, and Skype, and we encourage you to use the phone or email, and web conferencing for discussion or sharing documents. We guarantee the transparency of our company in terms of communication and we assure you flexibility in the execution of your needs and your requirements.

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Box Telecom ™ can offer mobile marketing campaigns (SMS Pull, SMS Call Back, SMS / MMS push.) In nearly 180 countries SMS: another way to communicate like e-mailing, SMS allows to inform, communicate, recruit, and retain … Box Telecom ™ provides mass distribution of messages via SMS. With their speed, flexibility, and efficiency, you receive instantly and simultaneously hundreds or thousands of recipients with standardized information. Its advantages: instant messages. An immediate impact with a reading rate of between 92 and 95% (source ARCEP), a media suitable for all types of messages. A communication tool and a modern economy.


In recent years, English word recognition defines the technologies of voice recognition, which now gives the “Interactive Voice Response” & Recognition, translated into English: interactive voice response and recognition.
IVR applications recognize both the key tones that their interlocutors urged on the keypad of their telephone handset and the words they utter. In relation to requests made by the callers, they provide them with appropriate responses – as a voice message, fax, callback, email, etc. – and allow them to interact with the database system in order to update information or get new ones.


Box Telecom ™ has developed for its own account or on behalf of its clients, software platforms for mounting VOIP, PBX, IVR, and FAX allowing the management of customers, invoicing, and automatic payments. Solutions are offered under Linux, windows, and open source, Box Telecom ™ is committed to total confidentiality as for the development some are outsourced. The company also develops platforms for online games and hosts.

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Mobile Marketing – As its name indicates it – Has the object for marketing by the mobile phone.

Since the professionals of communication understood the popular interest, and what they could gain from this object, campaigns using this medium gradually made their appearance.

It is indeed about an object of communication that is practical, reliable, comfortable, and easy to take everywhere. The speed of broadcasting also comes into play, among the arguments in favor of the SMS.

Simple, concise, and unadorned, the SMS is this small message of 160 characters that arrives on your mobile to inform you very quickly for example that the book you ordered has arrived at the bookstore.

– Why communicate on mobile phones?

Since the beginning of this new era of communication, the potential of the SMS seemed evident for all those who bet on this type of campaign.

It is indeed possible to assert that the rate of reading an SMS varies between 95 % to 98 %. (Percentages established on the basis of the received SMS)

As it turns out that, every person receiving an SMS on their mobile phone, has the reflex to read it. The rare cases of non-reading are the results of an overflowing of activity leading to an oversight.

Where does this stunning rate of reading come from?

– Targeted campaigns.

The campaigns reach the contacts targeted according to a precise theme. A targeted mobile campaign has necessarily a return more important than a non-targeted campaign.

– A fast broadcasting.

The broadcasting of the SMS according to the chosen tools, can be very fast. Consequently, the strategy to be set up is a little different from the other supports of communication which undergo a latent period before the first reactions.

With an SMS campaign, the reactions are spontaneous and massive. From the reception of the message, generally speaking, the contacts are reached leading to the calls that are made to know more about the offer. It is thus necessary to have a good switchboard and employees trained to answer and take orders effectively, or to appeal to the services of a center for the centralization of requests. In every case, in the launch of an SMS campaign, interlocutors have to have all the information in hand to answer the largest number of requests as quickly as possible.

– A dynamic and modern image of the sender.

It is very often noticed during mobile campaigns, that the image of the announcers is considered dynamic and modern. No such thing, indeed, as an SMS campaign to modernize your image if you consider it tarnished by the abuse of traditional publicity.

– A personal way to reach your clients.

The first reflex, in the reception of an SMS, is to feel privileged by the arrival of such a message. It is about direct contact between an announcer and a “target”, creating a link of intimacy, the first step to the development of customer loyalty.

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Directing, shooting, and video editing web. Web videos are a way of communication on the Internet that is gaining in popularity. Many companies have used our services for creating Web videos for a prime position for their online business and to stay up to date on the use of new technology in this constantly changing world that is the Web.

Box Telecom ™ is a web agency specializing in website design, web application development, SEO and positioning of websites, web marketing consulting, Web Consulting …


A website is now a tool of corporate development, it integrates applications that provide real added value.  We can advise you on the best choice of solutions for your business and let you know about the best practices.